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    Towards a 41.7 mpg Powertrain

    10 years from now, your vehicle will need to be over 90% more fuel efficient.


Your vehicle engine and transmission (powertrain) is entering its most technologically disruptive decade fueled by new regulations such as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) mandate. Our new Aurtronic transmission is only an innovative start to support vehicle manufacturers whose highest objective remains to build their best brand model for your driving pleasure.


We are the first to combine fuel economy with responsive performance.


The Aurtronic is a modern upgrade to the automatic transmission.


The Aurtronic is designed for Light Duty, Marine, and Agricultural vehicles.


The Autronic results in no premium cost to the vehicle price tag.

about us

When we began research and development back in 1995, there were neither strict CAFE mandates nor the fuel economy buzz in the market today. Two decades later, we are living in this paradigm as future vehicles becomes two to three times more fuel efficient than today’s predecessors to meet environmental standards.

What we do

We are transmission developers for automotive, marine and agricultural vehicles.

Our foresight has positioned Avotronics at a critical time in the automotive industry with new technology portfolios initiated by the new Aurtronic transmission to make the internal combustion engine a more efficient and precise performance driving experience.

Avotronics collaborates with its clients and customers such as vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and works with established tier suppliers and various powertrain technology vendors to deliver the highest standard of innovative reliability.


Brand Consulting
Brand Consulting
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Brand Consulting

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Avotronics is currently focused in the automotive sector but expects to diversify in the coming years.

Performance (Motorsport)

Avotronics technological team supports selected performance programs were the combination of fuel economy and responsive performance is a high value proposition to the Client/Customer

(Commercial Fleet)

Avotronics supports preferred fleet upfitters to upgrade base(OEM) transmission to more fuel economy and efficient powertrain performance to improve operating cost

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